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Dear Parents and Students,  

We are all aware of the positive benefits that regular exercise plays in the physical and mental development of children!  Unfortunately, the physical fitness levels of children in the United States have declined during the past decade and obesity levels have increased at an alarming rate.   

To help our students develop fitness routines with their families, we are encouraging participation in Cheyenne’s Walking Club.  Walking helps develop fitness while building muscles, burning calories, reducing stress and creating excellent lifetime habits.  Best of all, this can become a wonderful physical activity that children and adults can enjoy together!   

For every five miles a student in grades 1-5 walks/runs with an adult, he or she will be rewarded with a Toe Token.  A Toe Token is a bright colored plastic foot to put on shoelaces.  The Toe Tokens are designed to be a source of accomplishment, and a symbol of the importance of physical fitness!  

Encourage your child to keep track of mileage on the Mile Marker Card below and return it after completing five miles of walking/running with an adult.  Extra forms are available in the gym.  If you have any questions, please contact us at 586-723-5037.


Cheyenne’s Physical Education Teachers








Miles Walked







TOTAL MILES:  ____________________________














STUDENT'S NAME:  ________________________









PARENT'S SIGNATURE:  ____________________









TEACHER’S NAME:  ________________________













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