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Mrs. Cummins' dog Dexter knows that 
you can learn anything you want to know from books!

Students in Mrs. Cummins' class are expected to read books on their own time as well as during the school day (during silent reading time and other free time).  

A total of 30 Accelerated Reader points are required for each marking period.  Approximately half of those points are available through books that we read in class. 

Click here for a list of books that are available on Cherokee's Accelerated Reader computer program.

Looking for a book for your "Reading Challenge"?
These lists of Accelerated Reader rated books
are arranged by reading level. Click one!

3rd grade level books 4th grade level books
5th grade level books 6th grade level books
7th grade and higher books  
Watch Out! 
Resist the urge to print these lists. Many of them are 20 to 30 pages long!

Accelerated Reader tests must be taken at school.
(They're not available on-line)

For help getting started using this simple program, 
you can watch these short 'student produced' videos.



How to get started, and what you can
expect to see when you take
an Accelerated Reader test.


The color coded dot system,
how to determine if a book is in the
 AR system, and it's point value.


How to check your
AR test


What you can do if
you book isn't already in
the AR System.

These How-To videos
were produced by
Peter and Shaleenah


There's a whole bunch of good books out there! 

If you would like to read a book that is not already in the Accelerated Reader computer program, you can fill out a book report to get points. You can see a sample of the form on the right.

Be sure to turn in the book with your book report so that Mrs. Cummins can determine how many points the book is worth.  

Blank book report forms are available in the classroom, or you can click here to download the PDF file and print it from your computer.

If you need to install the FREE Adobe viewer on your computer click here.


BookReportForm.jpg (759093 bytes)


These are the books we read together as a class.  

We work on Reading skills and comprehension while reading these novels.


Kid ran for President.jpg (145487 bytes) Sign of beaver.jpg (247786 bytes) Will you sign John.jpg (292288 bytes) Eating plates.jpg (315133 bytes)
The Kid Who Ran for President Sign of the Beaver Will You Sign Here, John Hancock Eating the Plates
Pedro Journal.jpg (230118 bytes) G Washington socks.jpg (215523 bytes) Shh we're writing.jpg (133405 bytes) You can click on a book cover for a closer look!
Pedro's Journal George Washington's Socks Shhh, We're Writing the Constitution  
Green book.jpg (129688 bytes) Toliv secret.jpg (159667 bytes) Pocahontas strangers.jpg (182504 bytes)  
The Green Book Toliver's Secret Pocahontas and the Stranger  


Mrs. Cummins also reads books TO the students during snack time.  

The purpose of this is to introduce students to authors they may enjoy (and read more books from) plus Mrs. Cummins models good reading (using good voice inflection).


redwall.jpg (317208 bytes) Summer Monkey.jpg (156879 bytes) My school is worse.jpg (121482 bytes) Best year ever.jpg (148949 bytes)
Redwall Summer of the Monkeys My School is worse than yours The Best school year ever
You can click on a book cover for a closer look! Kid became pres.jpg (162003 bytes) bfg.jpg (124546 bytes)  
  The Kid who became president The BFG